Laboratories are the most important support departments in pharmaceuticals & biotechnology & medical device manufacturing to establish the accuracy of critical parameters such as quality, efficiency, purity in manufacturing, packaging, storage and distribution processes, etc.

Microbiology, analytical chemistry, packaging materials, in-process control, R & D laboratories should operate with sustained quality for continuously supporting manufacturing processes in control.

GMP-compliant laboratory design depends on accurate and comprehension understanding of the whole site.

Equipments, processes, hazardous materials, chemicals, HVAC systems used in laboratories should be evaluated with an attentive approach and all factors should be considered prior to designing with the risk-oriented approaches.

Even though laboratory areas are believed to take up a small space compared to the whole manufacturing site, it is one of the most important departments for the manufacturing sites critical for their continued operations.

Quality Academia’s experienced technical project managers will be with you throughout the project life-cycle during the design and construction of the laboratories.

Quality Academia will be with you at all stages such as;

  • Design
  • Project Evaluation
  • Construction

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