For our ever increasing pharmaceuticals & biotechnology clients, we are a leading organization that knows well and takes necessary precautions against the vulnerabilities of the requirements and opportunities of the market when they are not able to manufacture drug products integrated with the system efficiency and safety. Keeping manufacturing costs as low as possible has gained the utmost importance in an environment where manufacturing of medicinal drug products becomes more competitive as days pass and profit margins decreases continuously. Factors such as productive manufacturing flows which create value, higher manufacturing rates, providing service from auxiliary businesses with less costs, more operational time etc. are critical parameters for increasing the utility of the devices, machines and equipment, eliminating operations without added value and increasing manufacturing costs. Time and effort spent by our customers for developing tablet, capsule, syrup, cream, and ointment dosage forms cannot be risked with manufacturing systems that constantly creates difficult circumstances, breaks down, and dysfunctions.

As Quality Academia, we are always on your side with extensive engineering designs, device, machine, equipment and site expertise and proven project management methods in order to help our customers in releasing their products to the market with low costs. Our design process is presented at the beginning of the project focusing ,in particular, on site infrastructure and architecture as well as optimizing requirements of staff, raw material, finished product, equipment, flows (PAL and MAL) etc., combined with low cost, accurately coordinated, continuous manufacturing operations based on simple manufacturing principles.


  • Granulation
  • Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Powder Mixture
  • Tableting
  • Blister Lines
  • Tablet Coating
  • Packaging, Labeling
  • Highly potent drugs

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