Quality Academia has shared their wide range of experiences, knowledge and industrial insight with their customers since its establishment. Our customers are leading organizations of the world's largest 50 pharmaceuticals & biotechnology companies. Quality Academia provides support following national and international laws and regulations in an extremely professional and meticulous manner. It has designed and constructed modern pharmaceutical and biotechnology sites successfully following current GMP requirements and directives. With the qualification, start-up and validation of the sites, Quality Academia has formed partnerships with clients for providing turnkey facility solutions.

Some examples of establishing the sites are:

  • Storage and distribution sites for pharmaceuticals & biotechnological products
  • Laboratories (R & D, Quality Control, Microbiology)
  • Manufacturing sites for tablets, capsules, syrups, creams, and pellets
  • Vaccine manufacturing sites
  • Radiopharmaceutical manufacturing sites
  • Serum manufacturing Sites
  • HVAC, Water, Gas and Steam Systems

In our periodic meeting with our customers, in addition to projects related to site improvements and growth in compliance with GMP and GEP we provide practical, economical, and effective solutions for their new sites which are planning stages.
In short, Quality Academia provides many turnkey solutions to their clients throughout the project lifecycle including design, construction, start-up and operation, validation, qualification, product authorization, preparation for GMP, GDP audits by regulatory authorities, leading to obtaining manufacturing permits.

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