With continuously changing and improving technology, in addition to conventional methods employed, breakthroughs developments have also occurred for controls performed during and after vaccine production. Therefore, vaccine production is a process that requires extreme care and awareness. In recent years, even maintaining these types of delicate vaccine production sites has become very important and critical issue on its own. Not only the R&D expenses to develop vaccines, costs of manufacturing facilities have also become a challenge for the manufacturers that wish to keep in pace with the state of the art technology. Apart from losing time, effort and manpower as a result of potential mis-interpretation of the current GMP rules and directives, it also often results in losing the time spent for attaining the required permits from the competent authority. Furthermore, it also results in higher labor costs, and time and cost to establish the manufacturing sites than projected or anticipated. Designing a vaccine manufacturing site in compliance with GMP conditions and attaining the capacity of performing the manufacturing operations depend on suitable design solutions, scientific understanding of the product and processes and providing risk-oriented approaches. Quality Academia takes great pride in meeting and exceeding clients expectations in this regard.

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